Rattlehub Digital’s purpose is to enable people to look after their next generations.

We do this by helping people to better manage and structure their personal information digitally, holistically and end-to-end, one could say “cradle to grave”




Rattlehub Digital offers an ecosystem that helps people to better manage and structure their personal information  holistically and end-to-end, one could say “cradle to grave”


Empower your clients to become digital citizens by managing their personal information holistically and end-to-end while integrating various data points through our network partners. Use our platform to accelerate your solution development life cycle without having to worry about data privacy regulation and data security regarding your clients personal information.


Connects you, the financial institution or advisor, with your client’s information to better understand their needs, life events and triggers to assist in providing a more tailored service.


Automated dataflow enables the appointed executor of the estate to close out the estate in reduced time as well as reduce the cost involved for the beneficiaries, leaving them with dignity and clarity.

Are you in wealth and estate management and struggling with the following
  • Disintermediation through technology incumbents
  • Faltering retention strategy
  • Running out of ideas to stimulate your client (for instance hosting celebrity events)
  • Limited revenue expansion opportunities
  • Limited technical competence around data security and data privacy regulation
  • Silo’d and disconnected database management
Rattlehub Digital, through its permyssion SaaS platform, will support you to scale your relationships with your clients
  • You own the trust relationship with your clients, whom we care deeply about
  • We provide an end-to-end data management platform with security and privacy by design
  • Together we empower your clients to build lasting legacies through structured and dynamic portfolios
Wallet Expansion
  • We have built something quite complex, but you decide the journey for your client base based on your strengths
  • Join our existing clients, like Investec Private Bank - an award winning international private wealth manager, to build trust with your clients
  • If you are looking for a platform to build trust, build your relationship, respond to life triggers and events, and add more revenue streams

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