A Problem has been Brewing

A Problem has been Brewing

Our lives are digital. Our lives are complex. And they’re extremely fragmented. Fragmented may be too soft a term. For many of us, our digital lives are pretty much a mess.

We have dozens of accounts with banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, wealth management or trading platforms and more. Add in phone companies, groups and associations we belong to, social media platforms… the list grows and grows.

Then consider all our identity and travel documents, many of which have to be periodically renewed. And our medical information. And our wills and other documents meant to ensure the best for our loved ones.

Here’s the issue: There’s no one view of all this. No dashboard. No control panel. No single source of truth.

So… What’s the Problem?

With no single view of our complex lives, we waste time, we waste money, and we expose ourselves and our loved ones to all sorts of unnecessary risk.

Wasted Time

We waste time searching for information and documents at tax time. When we enter into new contracts. When we buy new policies, properties, and investments.

And if we’re ever traveling and we lose our wallet or passport… oh boy. Say goodbye to a day or more of that beautiful vacation or essential business trip.

Wasted Money

We waste money when we incur penalties for missed deadlines, or when we have to pay extra fees for rushed services or renewals. Or when we pay our accountants, wealth advisors, lawyers or anyone else to comb through our mess and get it in order. Or when we have cash earning zero interest in trading accounts. Or when we have redundant or otherwise unnecessary insurance coverage.

Perhaps the scariest wasted money of all is lost Bitcoin and other assets. More than USD$20 Billion in Bitcoin has already been lost, either through lost private keys or from holders dying without enabling their loved ones to access their assets. And with the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies, that’s just the beginning.

Unnecessary Risk

Probably the biggest risk is that we’ll leave an awful mess for our loved ones when we pass away, especially if it happens prematurely and unexpectedly.

At such a difficult time, it’s terrible what some families endure as they untangle the mess we’ve left behind. Assets can be tied up for years while legal bills escalate and opportunities to benefit from the fruits of your lifetime of effort slip away.

It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

When you stop to think about it, it’s kind of crazy that something as important as managing our lives is scattered all over the place with no central view.

You would never set out to do it that way. It just sort of happens over time. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

One Platform for Your Complex Life

Introducing permyssion, one platform for your complex life. All the documents and information that make up your life – and your family’s lives – together in one secure, private, efficient platform.

A central view to all that is important, available whenever and wherever you need it.

Save time. Save money. Avoid risk. Ensure peace of mind, simply and securely.

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