When we took the stage at FinovateAfrica in Cape Town on November 28, we had one goal: To identify the financial service firms most committed to a customer-centric digital future and to build powerfully collaborative partnerships with them.

As Chris Skinner told the hundreds of bankers, wealth management and insurance leaders in attendance, the future is digital, it’s customer-centric, and success will belong to those established firms that best cultivate collaborative relationships with the most innovative technology startups.

Watch the demo here:

We Started with the Problem

We started our pitch with the problem: Our lives are digital, and they’re extremely fragmented. We all have dozens of accounts with banks, trading platforms, insurers, credit cards, social media platforms and much, much more. It’s a tangled, confusing mess of providers, apps, tools and passwords that has grown over time and is getting out of hand.

There’s no single view of our complex digital lives. There’s no dashboard. No single source of information. We wouldn’t run our businesses this way, yet somehow we’ve allowed our own lives to reach this point.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

In a Perfect World…

In a perfect world, all our documents, information, and everything we need to manage our complex lives would be together in one secure, private, easy to use platform. Data would flow to us, keeping everything up to date. Everything would be automatically sorted and actioned.

And all of it would be available to us whenever and wherever we need it.

Seamless Integration

In this ideal future we’d also be seamlessly integrated with all our trusted advisors and service providers – on our own terms – so we could maximize the benefits we receive from our financial institutions and others, while minimizing the time, hassle, and confusion of navigating their forms, websites, and apps.

Peace of Mind

And beyond all the day-to-day benefits this would provide us, we’d also have peace of mind that should anything happen to us, our loved ones would be in a much better place.

Too often people are left in a terrible position when a loved one dies, especially if it’s unexpected. Where do I start? How do I find and untangle everything? What might I miss?

This is a terrible burden at an already difficult time, and many families have spent far too much time and far too much money sorting it all out.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a Better Way

We bring all the information that makes up your life, and your family’s lives, together into one secure, private, easy to use platform, called permyssion.

Integrations with leading financial data providers help keep everything up to date.

Users can share some or all of their information with their trusted partners and service providers, enabling a true win-win for them and for the banks, wealth advisors, and insurance companies they trust.

How We Help Financial Service Providers

Following our presentation, the conversations we had with digital and innovation leaders in key financial services incumbents were extremely positive.

Many immediately saw huge opportunity to serve, retain, and grow their client base, and to save significant time and money in their own development process and in other aspects of their operations too.

Next Steps

If this vision of a digital, customer-centric, collaborative future resonates with you, let’s talk. This may be the beginning of a very exciting future together.

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