The Rattlehub lead team has completed a full day data privacy and protection workshop with the managing partner of Michalsons, John Giles. We are embedding trust by design and automation as we position ourselves us as a trusted digital data exchange for our digital data citizens. A few myths got busted, for instance POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act, a law passed by parliament in South Africa) does not mean that you cannot use the cloud and secondly that the data subject’s information should be hosted in-country, in fact, using the cloud can be an effective way of protecting personal information.

Key take-aways, POPIA will have a big impact on the financial services industry (actually very few people are exempt) and there are significant consequences for non-compliance. We look forward to work with our clients as we establish the data subject, the responsible party and the operator party and the conditions that exist in these relationships.

Michalsons is a law firm that specialises in data privacy and data protection, access to information law, cybercrime law amongst others.

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