what does it
do for me?

Our Estate Console has been designed to remove friction and frustration during a time of mourning. The key bottlenecks in the conclusion of any deceased estate are the lack of information/cover and the inefficiencies in the process itself. The Estate Console integrates data from the client’s “permyssion” profile, placing the Executor of the Estate on the front foot with relevant and complete information. The Executor now has the ability to execute all the necessary tasks, lodge forms and required documents through the automated data flow, while supplementing new information where necessary.

Key features

  • Secure, fully encrypted, certified infrastructure partner¹
  • Dashboard: practice analysis / analytics
  • Personnel management
  • Document management
  • Automated data flow – required forms
  • Automated processing
  • Structured progress mapping / milestones
  • Liquidation & Distribution calculations
  • Archiving
  • Only available in South Africa

¹90 percent of Fortune 500s trust the Microsoft Cloud for security, privacy, and transparency. Microsoft has the most compliance coverage of any cloud provider, unique data residency guarantees, and is the industry leader for customer advocacy and privacy protection.
Licence Fees From
R9,995 (vat excl)
once off
for the 1st user
Licence Fees From
R2,995 (vat excl)
once off
for additional users
Subscription From
R595 (vat excl)
per month
per user