what does it
do for me?

permyssion is a life planning & enablement application to securely manage your personal information within the Microsoft Azure1 environment. It is time that we, as individuals, own and manage our personal information better and more importantly, decide with whom and when we share it; allowing us to gain maximum advantage when in need of products and/or services to better our lives. Take back control of the most valuable asset we each have in this digital society – data about yourself!

Key features

  • Secure, fully encrypted, certified infrastructure partner¹
  • Your key to being a DIGITAL CITIZEN
  • Structured data set
  • What you have & where it is
  • Digital document management (as well as video content)
  • Expiry and other notifications (“mind the gap”)
  • Portfolio snapshot (for close family & friends)
  • Net asset value (NAV) Reports
  • Educational content
  • Sharing functionality (with people you trust)
  • Estate executorship – manage your legacy
  • Cognitive AI technologies
  • Only available in South Africa (future jurisdictions coming early 2018)

¹90 percent of Fortune 500s trust the Microsoft Cloud for security, privacy, and transparency. Microsoft has the most compliance coverage of any cloud provider, unique data residency guarantees, and is the industry leader for customer advocacy and privacy protection.
Price From
R79, 99
per citizen, per month