We develop tools for businesses to manage customers’ personal data better.

RattleHub is pleased to confirm the successful conclusion and embedment of one of their R&D projects, partly funded by the Canadian Government. The objective of the project, which ran from September 2018 to April 2019, was twofold:

  • To deliver an AI-enabled document input mechanism to improve the recognition and categorization of document fields and automate the indexing, classification, and linking of information; and
  • To deliver an AI-enabled chatbot to improve streamlined digital data management and a secure and interactive customer experience.

Gary Goetsch, RattleHub’s CTO and COO, explained that these technologies complement our mission statement, which is to help manage personal data better. Our aim is to support businesses who manage client’s personal data and who are struggling with the challenges of stale data, client engagement, inefficient and unsecure processes of collecting and managing data. In most instances, we find that these businesses use unsecure email and online portals, but still, struggle to perfect the customer engagement journey and end up creating stale data silos with low customer interaction and limited knowledge of customer profiles.

Businesses will use our application to manage a defined data set to suit their requirements, intelligently push and pull activities to build customer profiles while integrating to their internal systems through published data events.

RattleHub has embedded these technologies and has pivoted from the earlier release of Permyssion (which focused on a structured, secure, privacy-enabled data management platform) to PermyssionPermyssion Engage , which helps businesses bridge the data gap with their customers. Future attractions will include further data enrichment integrations as well as insight-driven models.

The solution includes technologies such as: distributed identity, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, document intelligence, data encryption, bank-level security, data event triggers, and API management (for enterprise clients).

Our focus is now shifting to product-market fit with a number of clients and prospects being engaged to define the customer journeys.

We bring you Permyssion, an AI powered, intelligent customer engagement application that bridges the data gap between businesses and their customers.

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