Rattlehub awarded Microsoft IP CO-SELL partnership

The focus on our partners, and specifically the Co-Sell program, comes all the way from the top, strongly endorsed by our CEO, Satya Nadella. Satya and Microsoft believe in having a culture of growth and a mindset to achieve these goals. It is of paramount importance to create a partnership ecosystem and support startups through the Co-Sell program.

RattleHub was chosen to work with the Microsoft Startup Co-Sell Help Desk team to achieve Co-Sell Ready status. Now that RattleHub’s solution, Permyssion – the Estate Data Platform, is IP Co-Sell Ready they have access to Microsoft’s worldwide sales teams to collaborate with on intensive joint sales, support and go-to-market initiatives on targeted corporate and enterprise customer opportunities. In addition, they have access to white glove support to help facilitate connections within Microsoft to help drive their pipeline and create new opportunities.

The Co-Sell program has already generated +$15 billion in partner revenue and we are looking forward to building on this success with RattleHub!

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