Scientific Research and Experimental Developmental Tax Incentive

For our 2019 Federal Tax review submission we partnered with Grant Thornton (Kitchener) to apply for the SR&ED Tax Incentive Program. The SR&ED program requires applicants to follow a scientific method, which includes defining a problem, advancing a hypothesis towards resolving that problem, planning and testing the hypothesis by experiment or analysis, and developing logical conclusions based on the results.

Our scientific advances in encryption and content/document recognition enabled us to successfully apply for a Canadian Revenue Agency tax credit while completing the final review in January. The project faced technological uncertainty that could not be removed by standard practices. As a result, the solutions developed increased the integrity and functionality of our technology stack.

The research further supports the successful completion of our R&D project involving AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, which was supported by the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). Gary Goetsch, our CTO, was quoted as saying “It is pleasing to function in an eco-system where significant support goes into the development of scientific and experimental technologies to advance your product”.

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