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One of the main challenges in the banking sector is incomplete client data sets. Without up-to-date client info, it’s difficult to expand product and service offerings. Our AI-driven, smart adaptive model uses available data points to link products and services to customer needs. To do this, we only need 46-50% of completed data profile sets compared to the traditional requirement of 80%.

We help organisations enhance engagement by enabling them to provide value to customers beyond just banking services by focusing on personal goals, rather than financial services alone.

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Our end-to-end estate data platform empowers organizations with market-leading technology and better predictive intelligence to transform customer service offerings.

We know that

Engaged Clients + Relevant Data + Predictive Intelligence




RattleHub offers 3 key solutions to improving the process of estate planning.
We offer these solutions as modular or integrated services within a single platform.
Organizations with our solutions can offer these directly to clients
(where clients are able to self-service) or to advisors as a useful tool in client discussions.

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AI + Data Modeling

We use embedded AI and advanced analytics capabilities to personalize the estate planning process. This platform is cloud-based, can be white-labelled and is configurable to an organization’s requirements. Your clients are guided, step-by-step, through the process of estate readiness with the flexibility to provide the necessary data how, when and where they choose.

Traditional methods need around an 80% complete data profile to get predictive insights. This is tricky and time-consuming as people often leave out big chucks of information that they don’t think are important.

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Digital Vault + Sharing

Users can create, store, maintain, access and share digital files and information, ranging from their wills to funeral wishes. Permission-based settings enable users to share information and plans with their trusted advisers and loved ones, preserving family privacy. Our digital vault has bank-level security and is fully compliant with international data protection regulations.

Consolidation + Structuring

Our estate console streamlines and speeds up the deceased estate process. We consolidate the digital profile your clients have set up and we provide the necessary data for the executor and administration process. This helps to finalize legal matters quickly, with minimal additional stress placed on a client’s family. 

How we work

We use embedded artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities to improve the financial awareness and estate planning process for customers, and help organizations improve customer personalization and cross-selling through different channels.

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We enable an Ecosystem of Value

Provide value to clients beyond banking services by focusing on personal goals, rather than financial services, shifting the relationship from one that is transactional in nature to one that is more like a partnership.

Our embedded artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities enhance and contextualise existing data profiles enabling organisations to readily identify and prioritise gaps and opportunities to supplement their products and services with those of third-party service providers, in an effort to strengthen their value proposition, while introducing new referral revenue streams.


Fresh Data
Fresh Data

The quality of your data determines how effectively you are able to communicate with your customers, determine their needs and find effective ways to serve them.

Effective data collection
Effective data collection

The business units determine which missing data points are required.  Journeys are created that gather the missing data and in turn distribute it to the necessary business units in a frictionless manner.

Effective client engagement

Encourage your customers to interact and share in the journeys you create for them as a business.

Integrated databases
Integrated databases

Data silos decrease the quality and credibility of your customer data.

Secure data management
Secure data management

Your business requires immediate availability of information, protection of business interests and data compliance.

One view of customer
One view of customer

The analytics within your organisation is only as good as the data behind it, consistent information across the organisation is a must.



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