Steve Watt

Steve Watt has joined our team in Canada to spearhead our North American growth strategy. His background includes marketing, demand generation and sales roles while he also developed the multi-channel Account Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives at a number of B2B organizations of various sizes. He is the co-founder of the Toronto ABM Summit and a regular sales and marketing speaker at various conferences. Steve will take ownership of our revenue line while managing marketing + sales + customer success and will spend the majority of his time working from Toronto.

Steve commented: “As our lives have become more digital, they have also become more fragmented. Rattlehub Digital enables you to take control of your fragmented digital life through a structured and holistic personal information management platform called permyssion (my permission). Creating order out of chaos makes our lives more prosperous and secure, and will dramatically ease the burden on our loved ones in the event of our death. I’m excited to join Rattlehub to build and lead a team encompassing sales, marketing, and customer success. Exciting times ahead!”

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